Coyote on the prowl by guest blogger, Kerstin Kuentzel

  Soft conversation seeps through walls. Subtle chirps in front of the open window, sotto voce as if my feathered friends were afraid to scare this new day off with too much noise. Snake-like, a sliver of dim light has escaped the folds of the curtain and creeps along the floor. Time to get up, sleepy head! One more stretch in slow motion, embracing every inch of my reach. I swing both feet out of bed. Bare soles are caressed by carpet loops. I sit there for some seconds. My mind is already creating the daily checklist.   Watch out, … Continue reading


I’ve written a lot about edges over the years . . .edges as thresholds, edges as frontiers, edges that frame us or try to destroy us. Last night someone shared a quote about edges: “Edges are where all the healing takes place.” Edges can also be where all the great writing takes place. At our writing edge there is resistance and contradiction, there is regret and anticipation, and there is likely hope and fear. We can choose to have our edges frame our writing — giving us a place for our writing to go. Let’s say you are dealing with a … Continue reading

What’s Truly Broken (In Our Writing)

I have often written about the value of holding an explorer’s mind rather than a mind that is “set” to find (and sometimes destroy) what it seeks. One size doesn’t fit all (never has). And to leave the mysterious out of our writing or life is to shut ourselves off from our truest capacities. We will feel broken, lost, hopeless, STUCK, resistant, and scared at various times in our pursuits of writing something we hope others will want to read. This is part of the package when you signed up for the writer’s life: we at times feel broken. But, don’t focus on “fixing” … Continue reading