The Dangers of Distraction

Whatever we give our attention to in our daily lives is what we cultivate, and as a result, becomes manifest.

Whatever we nurture through attention grows; unless what we nurture isn’t “real.” This would be like watering a plastic plant. This plant can appear to take in all the light and water you give it but it will never grow. For me, too much attention to “searching”on the internet, television, to consumption, or other activities that really don’t result in anything, draw energy from that which will bring genuine happiness and fulfillment. Too much clutter is a huge distraction too because the clutter often represents something I “should” get to but have not.

Instead of pursuing preoccupations that lead to a totally meaningless endgame, we are far richer pursuing those interests that bring us creative and spiritual nourishment. These truly enrich our lives and those around us. The myriad of distractions can eventually jade us so that nothing calls to us. We become so weighed down by trivial pursuits that we have little to no energy left for our more creative interests.

I took three days to clean my creative and meditative space. Now I am doing my best to clean my life from the other distractions and false pursuits. I am rising earlier to meditate (and getting on-line later and for less time.) I am naming those activities that don’t truly lead to any thing meaningful and am refocusing my attention on my spiritual and creative pursuits. I see my home as a monastery and everyone as my spiritual companions. I remind myself that I walk on sacred ground.

I invite you to un-clutter your life of its distractions. Perhaps clean out your meditation or artistic space, make more room for what brings you lasting satisfaction. Begin with doing a personal inquiry of what distracts you, where is the clutter in your life, and what plastic plant may you be watering? Then go about de-cluttering and making space for more meaningful pastimes. Recommit to your spiritual and creative life.

Something NEW: I will be offering my first on-line Spiritual Journaling Class, starts this February! In the Spirit of Writing. 

7 thoughts on “The Dangers of Distraction

  1. Your space is beautiful! I’m clearing mine as well (hope to be done by the end of the month–3+ years of clutter in here). Love the comparison of distractions to watering a plastic plant. That’s exactly it.

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