The Gift of Meditation

My meditation practice began at the age of 16. At the time, I had to give up smoking pot to take up Transendental Meditation. One of my finest decisions. I did this practice for about 6 years. I found some aspects of the TM community disturbing, so I went on to learn Vipassana meditation. I took various teachings and went on regular 10 day retreats. Shinzen Young was my first Vipassana teacher. I explored Vipassana, mindfulness and other aspects of “calm abiding” meditation. Over the years I studied the Heart Sutra and inquiry meditation, along with my base practices of mindfulness and Vipassana meditation. (There is an entire chapter on the Heart Sutra in my book, The Zero Point Agreement.) I’ve taken several teachings on the Heart Sutra from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and other teachers at Deer Park in Oregon Wisconsin. I attribute my well-being to my meditation practices as it helps bring everything into alignment with a compassionate awareness and with my intentions to live creatively and meaningfully.

I would like to share the gift of meditation with you. We create a wonderful energy sitting in noble silence together watching our breaths. On June 5th, and for every FIRST THURSDAY EVENING OF THE MONTH, I will offer a meditation class in Prairie du Sac Wisconsin. Click here for more: The Gift of Meditation.

For other classes I am offering, including my on-line class: In The Spirit of Writing, please check out my events page. My first seasonal FREE writing retreat went beautifully, I hope to offer one each month up through October.




I know how to enter other worlds.


I close my eyes,

listen to the sounds of

a Visitor washing dishes.


The water cleans and soothes.


How long have I been holding on

to my old thought of you,

where sounds of you too often disrupt and disturb?


I know how to enter this other world with


as Visitor,

putting dishes away in the wrong cupboards

And me, washed and ready,

rejoice in your return.

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