The Gift You Were Born With

A Spiritual Journaling Process for Writer’s, Artists and Spiritual Travelers.

The Gift You Were Born With – – Spiritual Journaling and Living the Fully Engaged and Intuitive Life.

“Every human being is born with some sort of gift, an inclination or an instinct that can become a full-blown mastery.”  Parker Palmer,  from The Active Life.

For the next six months my BLOG will be on Spiritual Journaling and intuitive development where you will engage the active life through the power of your intuition to create and manifest what is inherently yours. Join me as we open up more to our creative, intuitive life. Please feel free to send me questions you may have and I will respond to them on the BLOG. For one to one psychic consultation please email me at .

Living life intuitively and engaged takes dedication and sweat, and usually a supporting cast.

Bring forth your inherent gifts of intuition, creative expression and imagining.

I discovered in my writer’s life the principles and practices that apply here also apply in my spiritual life: – – Keep (the pen) moving, don’t think, observe every thing, be impeccable with your word, be a witness to your life, listen, breath, write it all down, don’t worry about what other’s will think or say, break free from habitual states, express yourself, appreciate the artist in everyone, trust, focus on internals rather than externals, challenge assumptions, compassionate inquiry will answer all your questions, be honest, don’t hesitate, tell your stories,  and so forth. In my spiritual journaling classes I use a diverse array of practices to move you along on your creative, spiritual path.

Presently I am completing my book on Initiation,  Imprisoned Splendor: Releasing The Inner Light Through The Wheel of Initiation, Fall 2009, I was fortunate enough to be asked to write an adult version of Teen Psychic (The Gift You Were Born With: Bringing Forth Your Psychic and Spiritual Gifts) and will be completing this in 2009 as well. I live the abundant writer’s life and love to share my capacity to create and manifest with you. Every book I write, every poem I create, and every new word I learn is part of my ever-evolving spiritual path too. My writer’s life engages the spiritual path and strengthens my psychic abilities. I see and experience my life through the eyes of a writer, a gifted psychic – and of a practicing bodhisattva. The writer and spiritual path both offer the means to wake me up fully and bring forth all the gifts I was born with. This can be true for you as well.

“In fact, anybody who is really awake has a very definite sense of themselves. Look at Jesus, He would go around and say, ‘I’m the Son of God.’” –Adyashanti, taken from The Impact of Awakening

Through development of your psychic abilities you too will have a stronger sense of self. 

Suggested reading: The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity, and Caring by Parker J. Palmer and Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art.

“Spirit speaks to us continually, in dreams, through the melodic sounds of a stream, through deaths and illnesses, and all the dressing and undressing of the seasons. Still, we are often oblivious of its hum, wrapped as we are in a shroud of self-occupation­–worries, fears, angers, jealousies, and other catastrophes. Yet, like a youthful injury that haunts our old age or a fierce storm that changes the landscape in an instant, spirit illuminates the world in surprising ways. We all have those turning pointes in our lives­–either fully recognized in the moment or traced through hindsight–that spin us in a new direction.”  John Kain, taken from A Rare And Precious Thing.

Each BLOG will have writing (journaling) prompts and exercises to help you develop your intuitive, creative and spiritual skills.


On the Page

Write about a psychic experience using the following words:  ash, red, witness,  clear, ancient, now.

Write about times in your personal history when you were not believed and how this came to influence you not believing in yourself.

Journal about what you would like to get from this experience, this journey with me. 

You are invited to post any journal entries. Namaste, Julie Tallard Johnson, Jiivanii,  MSW, LCSWThundering Clouds Consulting and CounselingThundering Clouds Center for Creative Expression, LLCHealing Services Overlooking the River in Prairie du Sac WisconsinJewelhrt8@aol.comwww.julietallardjohnson.com608-963-0724   


3 thoughts on “The Gift You Were Born With

  1. Hi Julie.. Thank you for guiding us through this Inward Journey. Here’s what I’d like to get from the journey with you:

    I want to let go of the ideas, memories, thoughts that I buy into…and hold me back from going full steam ahead into my Life’s Work. (Fear of.. not being good enough, knowledgable enough, experienced enough…and reasons of: not having enough time, if I only my day job was in the field of my Divine-right would be easier, etc.

    That little critical voice…or shall I say that large voice..that has kept me in self-doubt. I’d like to neutralize that..and live in joy, peace…and balance. I want to let Spirit lead….I want to be in love with life. Yes, life is good now… but I want to feel joy…and to experience joyful intoxication of the experience of living… and loving…and creating…no holds barred.

    Also, I desire to adopt a spiritual practice on a regular basis. I have some things I do now, but not consistently. I want to be the rhythm and flow of life.

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