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thumbDear Writers!  I have been offering this on-line class, THE INITIATED WRITER, for the past 5 years. I would like to offer it to you at a (ridiculously) reduced fee of $65.00 for all the lessons, which includes me reading some of your work (regular fee is $250.00). I will send you all the lessons at once, and you can go through them at your own pace. However, you will have till September 15th to send me any pages related to the lessons! Consider it a summer course.

Here is the description and invite to this initiatory experience:

The Initiated Writer: An online writing experience where you explore and develop ideas through journaling and writing. Develop your writer’s voice; explore the wider world of ideas through the use of expert writing prompts. Discover how to express your truth through the written word. Write about that personal life experience or knowledge in a way that reaches readers. Make what is meaningful to you, meaningful to your readers.

You will receive personal instruction and individualized writing prompts from me. It is a 5+ session on-line class, via emails. (Comes to a total of 7 lessons).

Cost is only $65.00, and includes one-to-one help with your writing project from an experienced author and writing instructor. I will critique or respond to 4 pages of your writing after the completion of each lesson, as well as engage with you around your journaling. At the finish of each lesson, you will send me the related 4 pages. I will read them, critique where appropriate, respond personally to your writing, and give some writing prompts for you to further develop your craft and ideas.

After you sign up I will send out the Introduction with questions and prompts to get us started. After you respond to the introduction I will send you the entire class lessons. Each time you finish one lesson and send me your pages, I will respond personally to your pages, then you can go on to the next lesson and its prompts. You will have till SEPTEMBER 15th to finish the class material.  After you send me the pages for lesson #5 (the final lesson), I will send you the final Integration lesson. Join any time, go at your own pace. 

Class outline:  

Introduction: Entering The Wheel of Initiation: Starting Your Personal Writing Journey . . . This will get us started and ready to hold the five sessions of exploration. Following each session you will have exercises, writing prompts and other “off the page” explorations to deepen your writing experience.  

Session One:  I am the One Who. Right Place; Right Person: Writing from within the circumstances of your life. 

Session Two:  Moving through RESISTANCE

Session Three:  Myth, Mistress & The Third Thing 

Session Four: Writing is Seeing & Exploring: World Into Word

Session Five:  Planting Lotuses In the Fire: On & Off the Page. Writer as Meaning Maker. 

Follow-up & Integration:  Writing Your Talk; Walking Your Words. The Third Place. 

One reading requirement: The Zero Point Agreement: How to Be Who You Already Are by Julie Tallard Johnson  🙂 Unknown-1

Other books will be recommended throughout the class. You may want to get and read The Wheel of Initiation. 51Po54YVlKL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ 

“Life is without meaning

You bring the meaning to it

The meaning of life is

whatever you ascribe it to be.

Being alive is the meaning.”

Joseph Campbell, author and mythologist

Starting in OCTOBER I will be offering a writing JOURNEY of Initiation for (and with) writers and poets from all backgrounds and genres. Included in this experience will be INITIATING a collaborative project…. Come! Join in the dance of the written word. Takes place in Madison, twice a month. Email me if you are curious and interested. 

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