The Writer Friendly Life

Julie at 16

Julie at 16

At last weeks Writers’ Institute I gave a short talk on how to be disciplined and inspired as a writer. I began my talk on how to make our life “writer friendly.” Really the entire thirty-minute talk got down to how we do this, –– how we can actually fulfill our writing dreams and intentions.

Making our life writer friendly is the simplest part of the writer’s life.

I said simple, not easy.

So whose life is writer friendly?



Every writers.

The simplest way to have your life be one where you write is to write within the context of your life. This is about not “waiting until….,” or, relying on the perfect program or process, or getting to it after the laundry….or even after the divorce. Write from where you are now.

We each must find a way to write in the life we have, now, as it is, with what we know.

This may mean getting up an hour early to write, or write for fifteen golden minutes at our lunch break, or taking an occasional retreat. (Taking time to write and attend retreats is part of the writer’s life). What it doesn’t mean is that we have to make (and wait on) some big change in how we live our life before we get down to our writing. To live the writer’s life means we do the laundry after we write. Writing isn’t on our “to do” list; it’s who we are.

Come as you are to the page, with what you got, when you can.

thumb-1Spiritual Journaling Retreat: Writing from the Zero Point I am offering a day retreat to help you make your life more writer friendly. This retreat is held at my Thundering Clouds Retreat Center (my home), where you will explore ways to turn ideas into a story, book, or project, along with ways to make your life more writer friendly.

Have an idea for a book? Want to dedicate 5 days to turning your personal experience into a something meaningful for readers? Join me and other writers at The Write-By-The-Lake, this June 13th through the 17th.

My first free writing retreat is coming up: Friday April 29th. P1020272

“The two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, and familiar things new. –Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)


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