Walking the Labyrinth of the Three Jewels and Walking Meditation Practice


Come on out to Thundering Clouds Center for Creative Expression, LLC on Friday  JUNE 26th for an OPEN DAY for Writers and Nature Lovers.  Dogs welcome. This is from 9 am till 4:00. A day to listen, enJOY, connect, meditate and write . . . walk the spiral as she blooms, visit the Initiation lodge or the Pipe tree, walk the paths in the woods, write in the gazebo or find a favorite spot to meditate.  Free.  Bring own lunch and water bottle.


 I will be here writing . . .

Visit the newly made Labyrinth of the Three Jewels . . .


As you walk the labyrinth you may connect to the three jewels — 

The Buddha  . . . .  body and presence, being present in the moment, opening up to the “now.”

The Dharma  . . . .  breath and wisdom (personal and universal truth), as well as one’s spiritual teachings.

The Sangha  . . . .    heart/mind connection through compassion (spiritual community). The principle of unity.


It is a simple labyrinth, and made to be walked mindfully and slowly.  Each of the three circuits opens you up to more of your inherent qualities of presence, wisdom and compassion. As you move through each circuit you cultivate each of these inner qualities. Being in nature assists bringing our bodies and minds in alignment with our truer nature, our Buddha nature.


The Buddha Circuit  (Outer one) . . . Experience presence by listening and bringing mindfulness to each step.

The Dharma Circuit  (middle one). . . .  Bring forth your inner truth and wisdom through the joy of being in nature. Contemplate your spiritual teachings.

The Sangha Circuit  (center one). . .   Connecting to the universal Sangha (spiritual community) through compassion and understanding.

Then at the center you arrive at the still point of happiness.


Walking Meditation Practice

 Walk a labyrinth, or choose a short distance in nature or in your home to walk. Give your self ten to twenty minutes. Begin with standing and finding the breath. Keep your eyes open with a soft focus. Take each step as mindfully as possible, cultivating attention by bringing your awareness to each step. Lift the foot slowly, noticing the muscles and the shift in balance. Let down the foot, heel first and then when one foot is completely on the ground gradually lift the other and bring your awareness to the lifting and placing of that foot. Use the breath as an anchor. Gaze softly in front of you and remain aware of the “body walking,” being present too to the entire experience of “walking.” When you reach the center of the labyrinth or to the end of you chosen length, slowly turn around and begin again.

When in the labyrinth you may choose to walk her while contemplating how to bring forth these inherent qualities of presence, wisdom and compassion. Pray and meditate on the cultivation of these qualities to benefit yourself and others. Know that when you walk the labyrinth you are walking with the same intention as hundreds of Buddha’s and Bodhisattvas before you.

 At the entrance of the labyrinth I prostrate three times to the three jewels and recite my spiritual vow of the bodhisattva:

“Just as all the Buddha’s of the past

Embraced the awakened attitude of mind

And in the precepts of the bodhisattvas

Step by step

Abode and trained

Just so, and for the benefit of beings

May I too embrace the awakened attitude of mind,

And in the precepts of the Bodhisattvas

Step by step

Abide and train myself. “

When you exit the labyrinth or finish your meditation practice you can dedicate your practice to the wellbeing of all.

“Through the power and truth of this practice

may all beings have happiness

and the causes of happiness.

May all be free from sorrow

And the causes of sorrow.

May we all never be separated from our sacred happiness

Which is sorrowless

And live in equanimity without attachment or aversion

And live believing in the equality of all that lives.”



Please email for directions if you plan on coming out.


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