When Nothing Changes

IMG_6547When nothing and everything changes

One has made room for the God

of Mysteries

To arrive

and take Her place

in our heart

to let us see

what has always been true.


If you are fighting your life

You are the walking dead.


If you harbor resentment

You are the jailer.


If you want from another

That round, golden gift

Unwrap the one inside your own soul


Let what’s dead decompose

Into the earth

Beneath your feet.


There really is only love

Which comes in through the door

Of letting go.


JTJ, 8/15/17


Today, Dear Reader, is my 62nd birthday. Such a blessing to be alive and well during these changing times. Writing this blog, my books and scribbling into my journal has helped me cross turbulent waters, make saner decisions, navigate the best time to rest and when to move forward. Each book has been a love letter to myself and to the world. I have yet to finish my novel, maybe this year will be the year I complete it. My book How To Be A Hero, based on the core teachings of Parker J. Palmer is at a publishers now waiting on acceptance. (Prayers are welcome!) Today, I am off to go kayaking with my husband, Bill. Someone who has seen me through 8 of my 11 books.

Thank you for participating in this conversation with me. Here’s to the writer’s life!

If you are interested in gathering together to write, we are offering a free Writers’ retreat outside of Mazomanie at a writers beautiful home. Check out my website for details: julietallardjohnson.com 


132 thoughts on “When Nothing Changes

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