Wire Your Brain to Compassion & Wisdom

Unknown-3Here is a simple but powerful meditation that helps unravel our negative habitual and reactive postures. This simple meditation helps “hardwire us to wisdom and compassion.” The effort only takes a few minutes a day. This trains your mind while imprinting the memory of love on the psychophysical level. Research has shown us how the brain is pliable and responsive to such mind-training. This meditation gives your brain a positive memory to retrieve when life’s circumstances trigger a pain story. This simple practice assists in the undoing of negative belief systems (and assumptions) that are hardwired into us. Our brains are wired to take care of us,–so when challenges arise, imagined or real, we retrieve negative experiences from our memories so that we are “prepared.” Our “fight or flight” response kicks in and our entire psychophysical system goes into protection mode. Only, this keeps us dependent on negative memories, and, reinforces the fears and conditions we don’t want repeated.

Each time a stressful experience arises in our life we have a choice to either strengthen the reactive, habitual state or to strengthen our ability to act from compassion and wisdom.

So much triggers our brain to “be on alert for the worse,” that many of us our in a constant state of stress. We can though choose to live in a state of peace and wisdom. We won’t lose the capacity to handle real crisis, when they occur. In fact, we will have more energy, compassion and wisdom to draw from when confronting any difficulty that presents itself to us.

It is the nature of the mind to become addicted to certain

ways of seeing things. –Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Transforming Problems into Happiness

At the very least, this effort helps set the mental tone of love and compassion, reminds you of what you are truly capable of. Your brain prepares for love while your mind draws on its inherent wisdom to respond to life’s circumstances.

Sit with both feet on the floor resting your back in a chair. Close your eyes. Take some time to rest your awareness on your breath, noticing how it rises and falls in the body. Place your right hand on your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest). Notice how this sensation of a touch feels good. Take a couple of deep breaths and bring your awareness to the sensation of breath and hand on heart center. Bring your attention to the rise and fall of the breath and your hand on your chest. After a few moments, bring to mind a favorable memory. A time you felt loved, appreciated, and safe. This could be with a loved one, a pet, or even a time in nature—though a memory with a person is preferable. Sit in this memory as you keep your hand on your heart center and breathe. Do your best to stay in this one memory. Repeat the loving scene if it is a brief one. With a more lengthy memory, enjoy the details. After a couple of minutes, take several deep breaths and bring to mind simple and recent things you are thankful for. Keep these simple, like your cup of tea this morning or the easy traffic into work or how your clothes feel or the beauty of the sunrise. Then take a couple of more deep breaths and open your eyes.

Unknown-1I offer more researched and evidence based practices and explorations to activate more satisfaction,creativity, energy, and compassion in your life and relationships in my book The Zero Point Agreement: How to Be Who You Already Are, 2014, Destiny Books. Click on title to order.

The greatest challenge to increased self-awareness is to remember the difference between unconscious reflexes and conscious consideration. –P. D. Ouspensky, The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution


Creativity, in almost every area of life, is blocked by a

wide range of rigidly held assumptions that are taken for

granted by society as a whole. –David Bohm, “Dialogue as a New Creative Order” from The Essential David Bohm

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