World into Word…

My writing students and clients refer to me as their Writing Sherpa. I am equipped to help you trek your writing pilgrimage, no matter how high. I have worked with writers for over 25 years one-to-one as well as in group settings. Many are now published writers with successful books, blogs and articles. I offer a monthly writing consultation circle for those ready to commit to a year on a writing project. 

Want to hire me to work with you on your writing project? I offer a dyamic and personal process where I focus on 20 pages of your project for a month. Set up your free 20 minute phone consultation to discover how I can help take your writing and writing project to the summit. 

Living the writer’s life means to explore our own lives, create worlds, and share our wisdom and imaginings on the page through the written word. Check out my weekly blog for writers: All Write Wednesdays: World Into Word.

There is no formula to writing, but you can create a architecture to which you can write. There are no universal rules to writing, but there are principles you can use to write.

My main focus as a writing Sherpa is to help turn your meaningful experiences into a meaningful read. 

Whether you are increasing your awareness and creativity through journal writing, working on a book idea, want to increase your creative energy, or want to know how to get published; I am here to guide you. Join me in my popular transformational writing class, a writing consultation circle, or my writing workshops and offerings through Continuing Studies at the UW-Madison.

I offer a popular week-long summer writing workshop at Write-By-The-Lake in Madison through the UW, Continuing Studies. 

A Unique Opportunity for Writers!

My next writing consultation circle begins OCTOBER, 2016. It’s year-long commitment that will take your writing intentions and skill to the next level. Click here for more detail: 2016-17 Writer’s Circle.