Writer as Rebel

04rebelWriters are Wizards of our own destiny.

Writers are explorers of new frontiers.

Writers are magicians and healers.

Writers are poets and teachers.

But mostly, we are Rebels. “Whether he is wealthy or poor, the Rebel is really an emperor because he has broken the chains of society’s repressive conditioning and opinions.” (OSHO Zen Tarot, The Rebel). We are rebels in our willingness to discover and explore the vast inner and outer landscapes of our lives. We are rebels in that we have dared to write our stories down. We are rebels because of our courage to take responsibility with our creations, and to live our truth out in the open. We cannot be trapped by customs, rules or dogma. We “cannot be imprisoned . . .”  We upset the routine and make others uncomfortable in their loungers. “No organization confines her, no community, no society no nation.” We belong everywhere because we are not possessed by anyone.

The empty page is our frontier to discover and explore. We can write our destinies, explore internal and external frontiers, make real magic, heal the wounds, free the soul through verse and invite others through our example ways to “be themselves.”

So many benefits to writing.

Dear Writer, Join me and other REBELS in these 2016 offerings.

Writing Creative Nonfiction: Making What’s Meaningful to You, Meaningful to Readers.  A UW, Continuing Studies class, Tuesday afternoons, Februrary 2nd through March 8th, 1:30 to 3:30, UW-Madison campus: http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/writing 

The COURAGE TO BE YOURSELF: Awakening The Zero Point Circle, Madison Bring forth your greatest potential through personal and collective explorations.  We begin our journey on TUESDAY APRIL 5th 2016.  The circle will be held TWICE A MONTH on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday night (except holidays). http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/49 

WI-27-web1Writers’ Institute, 2016 UW-Madison, Continuing Studies I will be offering one workshop and one to one critiques this year. See You There!  April 15th through the 17th       http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/59 

Transformational Journal Writing for Health Care Professionals In this “learn by images-2doing” workshop, you practice the various techniques as well as create journaling prompts in dyads. This workshop gives professionals evidence-based journaling techniques and journaling prompts to help clients transform negative states to more positive ones and to increase success in treatment. The techniques help clients dealing with pain, depression, resistance, self-abuse, anxiety, and panic disorder. Receive CEUS. http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/64 

thumb-1 Monthly Spiritual Circle: The Red Thread I will be offering a monthly circle on the first Thursday evening of the month, which will include checking in, spiritual explorations, meditations, a monthly theme to explore, journaling prompts, and the continuity of meeting up with the same people for a year. The theme is: The Red Thread: Explorations & Practices for Claiming the Active Life based on Parker J Palmer’s work  http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/57

 Make A Living As A Writer: Find Your Tree of Life™ You will leave with personal ways to explore and kick start your writing life, or take the next step in your writing vocation.  I will give specific strategies on how to experience creative and financial satisfaction in your writing life.  http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/65

Develop Your Intuitive Capacities  http://www.julietallardjohnson.com/calendar/68images

Write-By-The-Lake, UW-Madison Continuing Studies, June 13th-17th 2016 http://continuingstudies.wisc.edu/conferences/write-by-the-lake/


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